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We offer a stimulating work environment, exciting challenges and rewarding working conditions. If one of our positions fits your profile, send your resume to careers@dunbrae.com.au

Why join Global Facilities Maintenance

Career Development

At Global Facilities Maintenance, we will support your efforts in the pursuit of career development. As an employee you can also expect to receive practical advice and guidance on possible job progression, assistance in identifying realistic goals and the necessary steps required to achieve those goals.

The Human Resources Department and/or your Manager are available to discuss career development options. With constant growth we have many opportiunities to advance your career in many directions from Supervisors, Technical, Senior Managers, Business Unit Managers and Account Managers for example.

Performance Management

Global Facilities Maintenance has in place a number of performance management initiatives:

Within the employee’s first six (6) months within their role, employees are evaluated and feedback gained in relation but not limited to:

- Have you received enough training?

- Is the position what you expected?

- Are you aware of safety procedures?

- Do you feel a part of the team?

This feedback gives us an indication of how a new employee is settling in. Nearing the completion of their probation, the Manager is sent a probation form which needs to be completed and discussed with the employee.

This form highlights the employee’s strong areas and development needs. Performance & Development Reviews are conducted annually.

The process is in place to measure past performance, recognise achievement, develop employees and ensure results are achieved.

Promotion & Transfer

Global Facilities Maintenance is dedicated to encouraging promotions and transfers within the company.

All vacancies are advertised internally as well as external advertising.

Committee Membership

Employees are encouraged to actively participate in Committees including Work Health & Safety.

Dress Code

Business dress is expected for employees who work in the public eye which includes supply of company uniforms to all technicians

For those who are not dealing directly with customers, Global supports a “business casual” dress code throughout the working week

Employee Benefits

Training & Development

Our success, both as individuals and as an organisation, depends on how effectively our skills and knowledge are applied to the job.

Training and development activities are therefore a valuable part of our working lives. Employees will receive all assistance possible in becoming proficient at their job. This may take the form of on the job training, internal and external training courses, as well as coaching from your manager.

Training and development is part of the Human Resources and Techncial department. Training may be compulsory in some cases including sessions on Cyber Security, Diversity, Customer Service, Effective Communication and Managing Conflict.

Global Facilities Maintenance training strategy develops on a continual basis. We develop courses to fit business requirements and work with both managers and staff to ensure we are "hitting the mark".

Employee Referral Program

It is company policy that all positions are advertised internally as well as being advertised externally. Should a position become available within our organisation, which you believe someone external would be suited for, please make contact with Human Resources to refer them. All referred employees which complete 6 months of employment in good standing, entitle the referring employee to a bonus payment for the referral.

Service Awards

We are proud of the fact that we have many long serving employees. Service Awards were implemented to recognise and reward those who have contributed to the company’s success over many years.

A celebration is had and we honour those people who have 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years of service.

Value awards are also recognised quarterly each year. This program is designed to formally recognise the valuable contributions of those who “go the extra mile” to provide outstanding service to their colleagues and Global’s customers.

Employee Assistance Program

Global Facilities Maintenance Employee Assistance Program is conducted through an external professional counselling agency, ACCESS. The program provides employees with:

- Free, confidential and professional counselling for personal or work-related problems.

- Personal counselling during working hours and phone counselling available 24 hours.

- Assistance to all employees and their immediate family members.

The EAP counselling is free of charge to all employees and their immediate families. Each employee is entitled to three counselling sessions per year. The EAP is confidential. At no stage will names be disclosed to Global.

The EAP is available to give assistance for personal problems such as bereavement, drug & alcohol, emotional abuse, gambling, relationships, depression, marriage and family or financial issues. Work related problems might involve conflict, stress, overload, difficulty with change, career concerns, harassment, discrimination, stress and depression.

Cost Saving Incentive

We encourage employees to focus on reducing overhead costs with the organisation.

We encourage employees to: Look for new ways of doing things, to "think outside the square". Re-visit ideas rejected in the past. Quantify the benefits in dollars. Small or large savings - both are rewarded. Employees are rewarded if their idea is implemented.

Phased Options for Retirement

This is a program designed for employees approaching retirement giving them the opportunity to gradually scale down their working hours, commitments and obligations to the company with full superannuation continued to be paid.


As an organisation we are committed to providing our employees the best possible place to work hence the need for feedback.

We will schedule an employee opinion survey where we delve into areas such as:

- Working for Global Facilities Maintenance

- Working for your department

- Impact of organisational change

- Working conditions, facilities, and benefits

- Opportunity for promotion, training, and job satisfaction

- Organisational style and culture

- Your own job

- Your manager / supervisor

- Your career aspirations

- Senior Management

- Information and Communication

Safety Recognition Program

We encourage employees to focus on both adhering to and improving safety within the organisation.

We encourage employees to follow all safety standards and regulations while on the job. We reward those who implement and ‘put into action’ our safety standards, policies and processes. We look for those employees who ‘go above and beyond’ in regards to safety as well as any new initiatives that can further safety in the workplace and employees are rewarded if their idea is implemented.

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