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R E A C T I V E   M A I N T E N A N C E

Global Facilities Maintenance can repair parts or equipment after your asset has broken down or been run to the point of failure.

Some clients prefer reactive maintenance because it offers the maximum utilisation and in turn maximum production output of the asset by using it to its' limits. This strategy is only beneficial, however, up until the point where the asset fails.

The cost of repairing the asset after failure can potentially be more than the production value received by running it to failure.  As parts begin to vibrate, overheat, and break, additional machine damage can occur, potentially resulting in costly repairs.

Whether you prefer Preventative Maintenance or Reactive Maintenance, Global Facilities Maintenance can assist you.​

Global Facilities Maintenance has a National Service Team with:

  • Approximately 100 full time employee technicians

  • A dedicated Branch / National Management Team

  • A 24/7 Call Centre, staffed by employees

  • Local Service Co-ordination in every Branch to ensure customers get a local focus on their needs

  • Our own spare parts sourcing and Logistics Team to ensure technicians, contractors and clients have all the parts they require

  • A dedicated team of full-time trainers / product experts to support our technicians in the field

  • And large contractor network available to all our customers​

Contact us today for further information.

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